5 Amazing Private Jet Bedrooms That Put Luxury Hotels To Shame

You might think that sleeping in a 5-star hotel is the epitome of luxury. And while that might be the case, imagine waking up in a king-size bed on an aircraft, which only a select few could realistically afford. As such, Simple Flying explores the best bedrooms that could be found on actively manufactured private jets, which includes the largest business aircraft built by either Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ) or Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) but excludes the BBJ 747-8.

5BBJ 737 MAX

Offers more comfort than a regular private jet

Boeing launched the BBJ 737 MAX aircraft lineup in 2012, securing the family’s first order in April 2014. While over the years, there have been more than a few concept interior designs, one of the significant developments that have made the BBJ 737 MAX’s cabins just that more exquisite was the announcement of BBJ Select cabins.

These were developed exclusively for the BBJ 737 MAX 7, enabling owners to save some cash and choose from 144 modular cabin configurations that cover the “spectrum of personal, business and head-of-state airplane requirements.” The cabins were designed in collaboration with Aloft AeroArchitects and Greenpoint Technologies, two award-winning business jet completion centers.

One of the main benefits of owning such a large business aircraft as the BBJ MAX is that, unlike traditional private jets, customers are actually able to fit in a large bedroom within their aircraft. For example, Mark Berryman’s BBJ MAX design includes a full bedroom aft of the 737 MAX and other features, including a shower.

Boeing Reveals New Cabin Selections For BBJ 737-7

The aircraft can comfortably travel up to 15 hours nonstop.

4Airbus ACJ330neo

The cabin’s bedroom offers exceptional privacy

Airbus offers both A330neo variants, A330-800 and A330-900, as ACJ options. As such, the aircraft is one of the few corporate twin-aisle jets currently available on the market, where luxury is paramount. According to ACJ, the ACJ330neo was designed for “highly-demanding VIP and private markets, the aircraft delivers top-end luxury, comfort and range.”

Airbus offers the services of its Creative Design studio, allowing customers to customize their ACJs’ cabins fully. Still, there are quite a few pre-determined cabin layouts to choose from, including a configuration where the bedroom is situated in front of the engines. Near the bedroom is a washroom and an office, while the rest of the cabin is separated from the front by a welcome area and a lobby.

One of the first interior concepts for the ACJ330neo was called the ‘Harmony’, which also fit the ACJ350. ACJ described the cabin as a concept that “seamlessly combines the benefits of Airbus Corporate Jets’ VIP widebodies – such as comfort, space and quietness – to produce a consistently harmonious customer experience.” In April 2023, Airbus booked its first order for an ACJ330-800 from an undisclosed customer.

Stunning: Inside An Airbus A330neo Private Jet Concept

Could this aircraft become the new favorite for VIPs globally?

3BBJ 787

Won awards for its space and stimulation balance

Greenpoint Technologies has also worked with potential cabin designs of the BBJ 787, specifically, a BB 787-9. In November 2014, the company announced that its ‘Azure’ design for the type won the International Interior Design Association’s (IIDA) Northern Pacific Chapter’s In Concept Award. According to Greenpoint Technologies, the judges recognized their design’s balance for rest and stimulation, glamorous detailing with a soft color palette, and safety considerations, including flammability, as well as other factors, such as weight, noise, and decompression.

The Society of British International Design (SBID) Awards highlighted that the inspiration behind the Azure design was the 787’s “open architecture and large windows”. The interior itself “has a forward Master Suite and Private Office with two aft Mini Suites for guest accommodations,” while the center gathering area has a formal dining room and an Entertainment lounge. Lastly, the design also has a SPA.

2Airbus ACJ350

The aircraft’s bedroom space has taken comfort to a next level

While the ACJ330neo and ACJ350 are similar and can even be outfitted with the same ‘Harmony’ cabin, the ACJ350 offers more space than the A330neo cannot. This has allowed Airbus and interior designers to flex their muscles more, fitting more rooms and, naturally, a bigger bedroom.

ACJ described the ACJ350 in its brochure as a place like home, saying that as “you step inside your A350, you are greeted by a friendly ambiance that meets your personal taste and lets you rediscover flying.”

Describing the bedroom, the manufacturer highlighted the “highest level of privacy” and a place to have peaceful dreams and relaxing sleep. “Together with a lavish ensuite bathroom, the exclusive sleeping area is located in the forward, most quiet cabin section. Expect to arrive at your destination more relaxed than when you started your trip,” the brochure continued.

1BBJ 777X

Has more bedroom space than any other aircraft

Boeing launched the BBJ 777X in December 2018, two years before the 777X was supposed to enter service. While the 777X is now delayed to 2025 due to certification hurdles, the plans for Boeing to release the private jet variant of its largest twin-engine widebody aircraft remain, with both 777-8 and 777-9 on offer for a special type of clientele who can afford it. During the launch of the aircraft, Boeing unveiled interior design concepts that were made by three leading interior design studios, including Greenpoint Technologies, Jet Aviation, and Unique Aircraft Design.

And just before the Dubai Airshow 2023, Lufthansa Technik unveiled an exceptional concept for the interior of the BBJ 777X. Targeted at potentially selling the design to Middle Eastern states or the region’s upper class, the ‘CelestialSTAR’ has a cocoon-like private bed and bathroom. Combined with the adjacent Work&Balance area, it forms an entirely private suite for the 777X’s passengers, becoming a self-contained retreat for those who splurge the cash to fly on such a lavish jet.




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