Africa World Airline, Air Peace Lead List Of Most Preferred Airlines

According to a breakdown of flight operations provided from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) and reported by Dailytrust Newspaper, ten local airlines completed 74,537 flights carrying 12,050,264 passengers in 2021.

According to the report, ten domestic carriers carried over 12 million passengers, including 5,977,927 inbound and 6,072,337 departing passengers.  The 10 domestic carriers which operated in 2021 include Aero Contractors, Arik Air, Azman Air, Dana Air, Overland, Air Peace, Max Air, Ibom Air, United Airlines and Green Africa.

Most preferred domestic flights by Airlines According to NCAA, Air Peace, which is the largest airline in terms of fleet size, operated the most flights with 17,861 followed by Ibom Air with 9,551 flights while Arik Air followed closely with 9,024 flights in the year under review.

Max Air operated 8,607 flights; Dana did 8,183 flights; Aero Contractors, 6,973; United Airlines, 6,408; Azman Air, 3,921; Overland, 2,917 and Green Africa, which came on board in October last year did 1,092 flights.

Most preferred International flights by Airlines Aside from domestic flights, 27 international airlines transported 2,199,278 passengers in 2021, including 1,086,394 incoming and 1,112,884 outgoing passengers on 9,675 trips.

Africa World Airline took the lead with 1,141 flights carrying 42,882 inbound passengers and 47,692 outgoing passengers, followed by Asky with 884 flights carrying 63,184 inbound and 65,307 outbound passengers.

Ethiopian Airlines flew 828 flights, carrying 120,349 incoming and 97,845 outgoing passengers; British Airways flew 584 flights, carrying 107,519 inbound and 130,820 outbound passengers; and Turkish Airlines flew 669 flights, carrying 95,302 inbound and 115, 283 outbound passengers. In addition, Lufthansa flew 555 flights, carrying 75,641 incoming and 78,139 outgoing passengers; Qatar Airways flew 679 flights, carrying 111,964 inbound and 116,664 outbound passengers; and Emirates flew 225 flights, carrying 27,960 inbound and 18,238 outbound passengers.


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