Air Canada Boeing 737 MAX 8 Faces Engine Troubles

An Air Canada (AC/ACA) Boeing 737 MAX 8 operating from Marana, Arizona to Montreal, Quebec, experienced an engine problem that caused an emergency landing in Tucson, Arizona on December 22. After the aircraft took off from Pinal Airpark, the pilots received an engine warning, which led to them shutting down the left engine.

Air Canada stated that “The aircraft was rerouted to Tucson, where it landed normally and remains.” While the airline has not released any further details on the incident, sources show that the crew received a hydraulic low-pressure warning as well as a fuel imbalance warning. Air Canada added that “modern aircraft are designed to operate with one engine and our crews train for such operations”. The aircraft had previously been sitting in Arizona since February 24.

During mid-December, the Canadian government announced that it had approved the necessary design changes to the 737 MAX, as it deemed Boeing’s modifications as satisfactory for passenger and crew safety. This follows the United States and the European Union, which both announced that they would lift grounding orders for the type after a year and a half on the ground. The aircraft operating the Air Canada flight was repositioning to Montreal to prepare for a re-introduction into service following regulatory approval. The engine failure was actually quite routine for the type of flight, as aircraft are typically less well-maintained after being stored for extended periods of time.


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