Air India Fires Cabin Crew For Attemped Gold Smuggling From London

An Air India crew member was fired this week for attempting to smuggle two gold bars in India. The crew was set to operate flight AI162 from London Heathrow to New Delhi on Tuesday but was caught by customs officials.   As sources from Twitter published a copy of the termination letter of the crew member in question, offering further details of the incident.

Details show that the crew member had attempted to smuggle two gold bars through London Heathrow Airport on June 8th in hopes of carrying them on Air India AI162 (London Heathrow to Delhi). However, customs officials in London promptly caught the crew member and reported the infractions to Air India and other relevant authorities.

Notably, Air India wasted no time in firing the crew member involved in the incident. The termination letter was issued on June 9th, just a day after the incident. The crew member was hired on a fixed-term contract and had been serving in Air India since 21st December 2010.

The employment contract clearly states that any Air India crew found to be “engaged in smuggling or illicit trading of any kind”  can be terminated without prior notice that might be required otherwise.

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