Air India To Buy 600,000 PPE Kits For Passengers

As flying slowly returns, airlines take it as a sole responsibility to provide the highest level of hygiene to passengers. In that regards, Air India has announced its plan to purchase 600,000 safety kits for its passengers. which includes: face shields, masks, and hand sanitizers.

The airline will purchase the 600,000 kits through a tender offer, allowing anyone to bid for the contract to supply these kits. However, the airline has specified that the total number of kits needed could increase or decrease depending on requirements.

Air India will likely use these kits on its repatriation operations, known as Vande Bharat, as it ramps up flights. However, these kits could also be destined for domestic flights that have similar requirements.

Face shields, used with a mask, have proven to be helpful in preventing the spread of the virus. Considering that the virus is still around, it makes sense why Air India is moving to place a bulk order for this safety equipment.

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