AirAsia jobs won’t be cut due to current Aviation climate

AirAsia Group has pledged a commitment to keep all of its staff members on its books amid the global aviation crisis. Even though 96 percent of its fleet is currently parked, the Malaysian outfit will ensure that its employees won’t go unemployed during the downturn.

According to an official statement, group chief executive Tony Fernandes shared that his airline has no revenue coming in. To help minimize the impact, the airline is doing everything possible to reduce costs during this time. This is so it can come back fighting as swiftly as possible. The businessman also claims that his firm will continue to be the world’s best low-cost carrier.

Fernandes feels that his employees are family and that they depend on his firm when it comes to their livelihood. In a bid to help limit the damage, he will not be taking a salary during this time alongside chairman Kamarudin Mera

“Kamarudin and I will not be taking a salary during this period and Allstars from across the business have accepted temporary pay reductions of anywhere between 15-75%, depending on seniority, to share the impact this is having on our business” Fernandes said, according to the company’s statement.

I thank them for their sacrifice and in keeping the big picture in mind as we navigate this together.”

AirAsia is one of several Asian airlines feeling the brunt of the global drop in flight activity. Photo: Getty Images

The executive then turned his attention to AirAsia’s customers. He assured them that his company remains focused to serve them in the future. He went on to thank the carrier’s guests for their loyalty. Furthermore, he gave a heartfelt apology and hopes that the airline’s passengers’ loved ones are healthy and getting through this troubled period.

Customers that have had flights impacted amid the downturn are encouraged to accept AirAsia’s credit, which comes with a 365-day validity. Passengers can change their flight dates as much as they want. Those who want refunds can apply but they will be accepted on a case by case basis. Additionally, since so many people are constantly making requests, it could take up to 16 weeks for the refund to be processed.

Altogether, it is encouraging that a major carrier such as AirAsia will not let go of its staff. Low demand and travel restrictions have rocked the airline industry across the globe. Carriers are increasingly finding it hard to find funds but government support, along with cost-cutting initiatives are helping companies retain employees despite the hardship.

Millions of people rely on air travel for both personal and financial reasons. If strict travel restrictions continue, it could have a detrimental impact on the global economy. Therefore, there needs to be a review of how restrictions are made to limit any further damages.


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