NIGERIA: Airline Passengers Rights and Responsibilities

Have you ever had a complaint about the lackadaisical attitude/reactions of airlines towards passenger? Do you as a passenger know your rights and stand up for it when tampered? Have you ever been satisfied with answers/ reactions to question and complaints?

If No, it could be attributed to poor consumer education. Hence the need for passengers enlightenment to their rights.

There are different Passengers rights derived from the contract with airlines from regulatory bodies, conventions, and existing laws. Such as the Civil Aviation Act 2006 (CAA), Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority Regulations (NCAA Regulations), Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Act (FCCPA) and the Montreal Convention of 1999 (ratified by the CAA).

According to NCAA, Traveling by air or using air transport services confers certain rights. But it also comes with some responsibilities. They include:

  • The right to the full value for your money
  • The right to compensation for flight cancellation, delays, damaged/loss baggage and denied boarding for reasons other than technical, weather conditions, air traffic control restrictions, security risks and industrial disputes that affect the operation of the flight.
  • The right to book and confirm tickets with an airline of your choice.
  • The right to the provision of a conducive airport environment before, during, and after flights.
  • The right to seek redress for all irregularities during your flight.
  • The right to timely feedback in respect of matters/complaints lodged with service providers.
  • The right to be fully informed about flight status. 8. The right to be treated with respect and dignity irrespective of race or physical condition.

The above mentioned rights literally indicates that passengers have the right to be duly informed/ given reasons to a delayed flight(at least 30 minutes after departure time) and incase where the delay lasts for 2 hours plus, the passenger is entitled to refreshment and reimbursement. Also entitled to transport and hotel accommodation where delay falls between 10:00 pm and 4:00 am- According Regulations 19.6 of NCAA regulations.

A passenger is entitled to compensation by an airline in cases of flight cancellation,if they were not informed at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. (Regulation 19.7 of the NCCA Regulations)

A passenger placed in a class lower than the initial class during ticket purchase is entitled to a reimbursement within 30 days from the date of travel. The airline is also required to make an additional payment of 30 per cent and 50 per cent of the price of the ticket for domestic and international flights respectively. (Regulation 19.11 of the NCAA Regulations)

A passenger is entitled to monetary compensation in cases of baggage delay, and an instant delivery of the baggage (Regulation 19.17 of the NCAA Regulations) and a lot more.


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