Alaska Airlines To Pay Family $3 Million After An Elderly Woman Falls From Escalator

A Spokane Valley family will receive $3.19 million from Alaska Airlines for injuries suffered by their elderly mother at the airport that led to her death.

According to Luvera Law Firm, the elderly and disabled passenger suffered fatal injuries when she fell down an escalator when Alaska Airlines did not provide gate-to-gate transport that had previously been requested. 

Bernice Kekona was traveling from Spokane to Hawaii and requested assistance traveling between gates at the Portland International Airport during a layover.

The escorts left Kekona alone and she attempted to make the trip by herself, ultimately falling 21 steps on an escalator in her wheelchair. 

She sustained injuries to her head, chest, and Achilles tendon which led to a septic infection.

In efforts to fight the septic infection, doctors amputated her remaining leg, and she died the day after the surgery from an overwhelming infection. 

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