American Airbus A320 Lands In San Antonio With Engine Fire

The crew of an American Airlines Airbus declared a Mayday following the failure of the left-hand engine on Sunday. The Airbus A320 was carrying 75 passengers and crew on a flight from Charlotte to San Antonio. After landing safely at San Antonio, there were reports the engine was on fire.

According to a report in The Aviation Herald, the American Airlines Airbus A320-200 (registration N111US) was operating AA2441 on Saturday, September 12. This flight is a daily American Airlines service between Charlotte, North Carolina, and San Antonio, Texas. The flight departs Charlotte at 20:35 and is usually at the gate in San Antonio by 22:20.

The Aviation Herald notes the aircraft was on approach to San Antonio’s International Airport when the left-hand engine failed, and the pilots called a Mayday. The pilots shut down the engine and performed a left-hand orbit before continuing into San Antonio and landing without incident. The Aviation Herald notes the FAA yesterday said the Airbus landed with a left engine fire.

American Airlines has 48 A320-200s in its fleet.This particular plane, N111US, is nearly 21 years old and has flown for American Airlines since late 2013. American Airlines inherited the plane from US Airways in 2013. Before that, N111US had flown for US Airways for 14 years.


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