American Airline Unveils New Wifi Subscription Program & Upgraded AirPass Program

American Airlines has unveiled a new WiFi subscription plan. Starting today, November 10th, the airline is offering a domestic high-speed WiFi subscription plan for customers who travel frequently and want to save a little money on WiFi charges. This, however, also is another boost for travelers.

American Airlines is rolling out some new features for its inflight WiFi offerings, entertainment, and the AirPass program.  These changes will offer customers more flexibility when it comes to flying with American airline. One of the most beneficial features is a new WiFi subscription plan that started today November, 10th.

Frequent fliers who also like to work inflight will note that WiFi is a must. While American Airlines offers WiFi on most domestic flights for as little as $10, WiFi charges can quickly add up especially if you’re taking more than one flight in a day, week, or month and do not have a subscription.

From Now henceforth, Depending on your aircraft, you can find yourself on a plane with Gogo-equipped, Panasonic-equipped, or Viasat-equipped WiFi. Previously, Panasonic WiFi was not included in any of the monthly WiFi plans. Now, the new subscription will allow customers to access WiFi on domestic flights in the United States or short and medium-haul international flights to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Central America with a single plan that works across all three WiFi providers.

If you already have a Gogo monthly subscription, this plan will replace that. Starting from November 16th, affected customers will get instructions on how to move their current subscription plan to the new subscription plan. The subscription plan is available to customers who are AAdvantage members and have an email and primary credit card with a US billing address saved in their AAdvantage account.

Even though your flight may not have on-demand seatback entertainment screens, you can still access a plethora of holiday movies this year, with classics like A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Elf, A Christmas Carol, Die Hard, and more. All inflight entertainment onboard American Airlines is free. Passengers connect to the WiFi and can access free streaming to their phone, tablet, or laptop.

Apple Music is free on Viasat-equipped flights. Passengers can access a new holiday playlist on Apple Music. There are multiple options like “Holiday Hits,” “R&B for the Holidays,” “Children’s Christmas,” and more. In total, 70 million songs are available ad-free with music videos and live original shows through Apple Music.

AirPass is getting a boost too

AirPass is a great program for very frequent fliers. And, now, the membership has a few more perks. AirPass, just a reminder, is an all-inclusive pre-paid membership with fixed-rate fairs, no change or cancellation fees, VIP benefits, and more.

Now, AirPass can be redeemed on select airline partners. This currently Finnair, Iberia, and Japan Airlines. Although some membership benefits may only be valid on American, things like fixed-rate fares, Admirals Club access, and free checked baggage are some perks that are available when flying a partner airline as well.

AirPass members will also receive a complimentary annual WiFi subscription beginning in 2021. That, however, is not all.

With AirPass, you buy into a fixed tier. Right now, American is offering a lowered point of entry at $5,000 per traveler (down from $10,000). This gets a passenger automatic Gold status. At $20,000, a passenger gets Platinum status. This goes up to $25,000 at Platinum Pro, and $30,000 to gain Executive Platinum status. Note that you’ll get all the benefits of your status as well as AirPass exclusive benefits.



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