American Airlines Kicks Passenger out for Not Wearing Face Mask

American airline on Tuesday kicked a passenger out from the plane shortly before flight departure for refusing to wear a face mask. And it appears that fellow travellers are in agreement with the airlines action as other passengers clapped in applause at the airline’s tough stance as she gathered her belongings and was made to get off the plane.

While American hasn’t commented on the specifics of this case it’s likely that she’ll be added to a ‘no-fly’ list of banned passengers. The ban will last for at least as long as the mandatory face-covering rules remain in force.

Major U.S. airlines are trying to make their policies on the wearing of face masks or suitable coverings crystal clear, if you don’t wear one, don’t expect to fly. But it seems that some passengers still haven’t got the memo and are still trying to get on an airplane while skirting the rules. The airlines have had enough and are increasingly eager to enforce the rules in lieu of a federal mandate.


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