ANA Launches Two Night Japanese Airbus A380 Staycations

All Nippon Airways has launched a series of two-night Japanese staycations with an Airbus A380 flight at the start and the end of the trip. These trips will take place in September and will accompany a “flight to nowhere” that has also been scheduled by the Japanese carrier.

Many airlines around the world have grounded or even retired their remaining Airbus A380 fleets. Just two weeks ago, Malaysia Airlines revealed it was selling its six jets. While yet to operate any post-pandemic scheduled flights with the type, ANA has certainly kept its fleet of giants busy. Next month it will conduct its first scheduled flight since the pandemic, with two rotations to Honolulu on the schedule.

Two 2-night staycations planned

All Nippon Airways is now planning to offer two separate two-night staycations with its Airbus A380 fleet. Both will depart from the airline’s Tokyo Narita hub, with one trip heading to Sapporo (New Chitose Airport) and the other to Okinawa (Naha Airport), an island to the south of the Mainland. The trips will operate as follows,

  • September 18th – Narita Airport (NRT) 11:00 – New Chitose Airport (CTS) 12:45
  • September 20th – New Chitose Airport (CTS) 15:00 – Narita Airport (NRT) 16:45
  • September 24th – Narita Airport (NRT) 11:00 – Naha Airport (OKA) 14:00
  • September 26th – Naha Airport (OKA) 15:00 – Narita Airport (NRT) 17:50

The prices vary depending on the route, class of travel, and hotel room required. The lowest price per person is ¥76,800 ($697.52), with an economy aisle seat sharing a room with three other people in Okinawa. Somebody traveling in first class to Sapporo and not sharing a room would expect to pay ¥348,000 ($3,160.62).

ANA is offering the experiences via a lottery. More information and the lottery application can be found here for Sapporo and here for Naha.

Putting the Airbus A380 to use while in Sapporo

While the Airbus A380 is at New Chitose Airport in Sapporo, it won’t rest and recuperate for two days like its passengers. Instead, ANA is taking the opportunity to put on a third event in September. On September 19th, the Airbus A380 will depart from New Chitose Airport for a flight to nowhere, as ANA has been doing regularly for the past year.

The flight will allow people to travel without leaving home and experience the Airbus A380 without traveling to Honolulu. According to the airline, the plane will depart at 13:00. It will then fly around Japan for around an hour and a half before landing back, where it took off at roughly 15:00. The lottery for this flight can be found here.

Source: simpleflying

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