BOMB THREAT: Planes Evacuated at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport Due to Bomb Threat

An airport in Khabarovsk in east Russia Sheremetyevo Airport on Wednesday, August 12, received a bomb threat via a email.

According to RIA Novosti report, more than 30 flights were delayed and canceled at Moscow airports after it received a bomb warning suggesting that bombs had been planted on three planes.

St. Petersburg, was also the target of the attacks.

The country has already been the victim of this type of hoax.

Since last November, more than 1.6 million people have been evacuated from buildings in Moscow, the Interfax news agency said citing sources.

But the authorities and the Kremlin TV stations have not addressed the problem.

Yulia Olshanskaya, a local government official, said her daughter Maria’s school had been evacuated “sometimes several times a day” throughout December.

She said: “We cannot count the number of times this has happened.

Her 13-year-old daughter explained that “sometimes our classes were canceled or postponed on those days and they also evacuated people.”

Yulia Grebenchenko, also from Moscow, said her daughter’s school had been evacuated 13 times since early December.

She said: “Some parents have even hired a dog handler to check out the school faster because you never know how long the sniffer dog units will take.”

Messages are generally sent the same way – a chain of emails are sent by encrypted providers to organizations and businesses that by law need to be inspected or evacuated.

The full cost of the disruption has not been calculated, but the financial destruction caused by a similar flood of threats in 2017 amounted to millions of dollars, Russian officials said.


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