Boy Born in Hospital After Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 Emergency Landing in Malta

Malta’s state hospital witnessed an unexpected birth of a boy on Monday, hours after an airplane made an emergency landing because the mother had gone into labor.

A Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Bamako in Africa had to perform an emergency landing at Malta International Airport Monday evening, as a female passenger, who was eight-months pregnant went into labour during the flight.

After the crew declared a medical emergency, all the necessary arrangements were made for the Boeing 737-900 to land in Malta.

Meanwhile, staff at the Airport’s Control Tower made the necessary arrangements for an Ambulance to be present on the apron in Luqa, so the woman, after landing, was safely transported to Mater Dei Hospital to give birth.

Maltaradar uploaded a video of the emergency landing to their YouTube channel.

The boy was born in Mater Dei Hospital, Malta’s only state hospital, around three hours after the emergency landing. The plane left Turkey and was destined for Mali.

Hospital sources said the woman was traveling alone. She was flying to Mali to join her husband after spending at least seven hours at the airport in Turkey.

Two doctors who happened to be on board recommended to the pilot to land as soon as possible.

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