British A350 collides with Emirates 777 in Dubai

A British Airways Airbus A350 collided with an Emirates 777 at Dubai International Airport, early hours of yesterday, 14 April.

The two aircraft involved in the incident were:

  • A British Airways A350-1000 G-XWBA, which was the first A350 to join British Airways in July 2019.
  • Emirates Boeing 777-300ER A6-EBR, a 14-year-old aircraft delivered to Emirates in August 2006.

The British Airways aircraft was being pushed back to operate BA106 from Dubai to London. Details of the incident are not yet available, but it appears that the A350 was being pushed back and collided with the 777 which appears to be parked in a bay. The left horizontal stabilizers on both aircraft appear to have taken significant damage.

It is worth noting that with the ongoing coronavirus situation, many airports are very crowded with planes parked in every bay and on the taxiways.

The A350 is the newest aircraft in the British Airways fleet, the airline only has five of the aircraft in the fleet. With this accident, two of British Airways A350s have now been involved in incidents. G-XWBD was delivered in December 2019 and has already had a few incidents:

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