British Airways sends its planes to France’s ‘airport graveyard ‘

British Airways has become the latest airline to send its aircrafts to a so-called ‘airport graveyard’ as the company tries to reduce its operations amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The airline is set to move its Airbus A380 aircraft to France‘s Chateauroux Centre Marcel Dassault Airport in order to prevent its planes from rusting while they are inactive during the Covid-19 crisis.

The move comes just a week after British Airways transported six of its twelve A380s to the French airport in order to be stored.

On April 6, a message on the French airport’s Facebook page read: ‘Due to the current international crisis British Airways has chosen Aéroport Marcel Dassault – Châteauroux to store a fleet of A380 aircraft.

British Airways is set to move its Airbus A380 aircraft to France’s Chateauroux Centre Marcel Dassault Airport for long term storage. (Stock image)

‘The first to arrive at the moment is none other than the first device acquired by the English company, and is not unknown in Châteauroux since it came in training here, in 2013.

‘Thank you to airport staff and Dale Aviation teams for the management and installation of these aircraft, and thank you to British Airways for their confidence and the quality of our exchanges for several weeks.’

The airport later confirmed the company would be sending its remaining aircrafts to the their storage facility amid the crisis.

The move comes just weeks after U.S. airlines including Delta and United revealed they were sending their largest aircrafts into storage in order to protect them as flight operations decreased.

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