Canada To Validate Boeing 737 MAX Design Changes

Canadian air-safety regulator Transport Canada will announce Today. Its approval of the Boeing 737 MAX design changes that were developed after two crashes killed 346 people in Indonesia and Ethiopia.

In a message disclosed yesterday to the families of the Canadian victims of the Ethiopian crash, Nicholas Robinson, director general of Transport Canada, wrote that his agency “has now completed our independent review of the design changes and we have notified the FAA today that we have validated these changes with some unique Canadian differences.”

It’s one of the final steps in the process of clearing the plane to fly again in Canada, though that won’t be complete until Transport Canada issues a formal airworthiness directive and pilot-training requirements.

Robinson said that final clearance is expected in January.

Robinson’s message assured the families that “our process and review to validate these changes has been comprehensive; that our decisions have been independent and driven by the analysis of our globally recognized certification experts; and that we are confident in our validation outcome.”


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