Cloquet Airport Gets Financial Support To Build On Emerging Aviation Industry

The Carlton County-Cloquet Airport is receiving some extra financial support to help it continue to be a valuable asset to the community.

The U.S. Economic Development Administrations is awarding the county a $1 million grant to establish a new aviation workforce training center.

The aviation industry is rapidly growing in the region and the EDA recognizes investing in local airports can have many advantages

The Cloquet Airport is a hub for many corporate and charter flights.

The $1 million grant given by the EDA is providing an opportunity to tap into further economic growth by building a new aviation training facility.

This will also allow for the expansion in several other key areas for venture north aviation, which has been operating at the airport since 2009.

“We are expanding our business in six areas like accelerated flight training. We’re expanding in aircraft maintenance so our service center will be expanding as well as hangar services,” said Bill stone, president and general manager for Venture North Aviation.

The funds are expected to also help build on the emerging aviation workforce in the area.

The financial backing could create or retain many area jobs and bring in more than three million dollars in new investments.

“Having a vital and growing airport is essential for any community that wants to expand its economic footprint,” said EDA’s Assistant Secratary Dana Gartzeke. “We are here to make sure rural America like Cloquet has an opportunity to get some modest investments so they can do some things for their community and for their neighborhood.”

The $1 million grant is part of President Donald Trump’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. The purpose of that legislation is to help spur economic development in areas of opportunity across the nation.

Another $300, 000 in state and local funding is being contributed to further this effort to build on the growing aviation industry.

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