Corendon to cancel all travel till June 1st, 2020

Corendon has today decided to cancel all its vacations with departure until June 1, 2020. This decision is the result of current travel advice from both the Belgian and Dutch governments, whereby unnecessary trips abroad are currently not recommended. In addition, far-reaching measures have been taken in almost all holiday destinations to limit the further spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). As a result, holidaymakers can no longer go there, also because airports, hotels and restaurants are closed.

This situation is expected to continue for some time to come. That is why Corendon wants to create clarity for its customers. In addition, Corendon wants to prevent customers from having to make a residual payment for a holiday that, in all likelihood, cannot continue. The affected customers will be informed of this decision by e-mail today. This concerns approximately 80,000 holidays in addition to the more than 40,000 that were previously cancelled.

Background of the decision

Steven van der Heijden, CEO Corendon: “We had to make this decision with pain in our hearts. This global crisis is expected to continue for some time to come and we have wanted to create clarity for our customers. In addition, we want to prevent customers from having to pay a residual amount for a holiday that, in all likelihood, cannot continue. We can imagine that they would rather have that money for themselves. Of course, from this moment on they can also book a new holiday at Corendon with departure later this year and pay (in part) with the value of their voucher. In order to increase the choice for the holidaymaker, Corendon has already made an early part of the winter sun offer 2020/2021 available on its website.”

Corendon corona voucher

Corendon today informs its customers by e-mail about the decision and next steps. Holidays and flights are cancelled, but customers have not lost their money. They keep the amount already paid as credit – via a Corendon corona voucher – for a subsequent holiday. Corendon realises that under normal circumstances, in case of cancellation by the tour operator, it would have to refund the entire travel sum. However, the current situation is so exceptional that Corendon has taken the view that it is justified to deviate from this.

New vacation

Customers do not have to immediately decide which new holiday they should choose; they can take the time for this. They can then book their new holiday or flight themselves via the Corendon website or through their travel agency, choosing from the entire range; it doesn’t have to be the same hotel or destination. When the travel sum of the new trip turns out higher, Corendon will charge the additional costs. When the new holiday is cheaper, Corendon will refund the difference.

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