COVID-19 Delta Variant Causes Mayhem at Nanjing Airport

China’s COVID-19 management measures are under distress after an airport cluster in Jiangsu province’s Nanjing is credited to have given rise to 49 new Coronavirus infections on July 29, 2021.

Airlines have refused to operate flights to and from Nanjing Lukou International Airport (NKG) amidst Nanjing city being declared an epicentre of the spreading Coronavirus infections.

According to data on Flightradar24, an average of 300 passenger and cargo flights operate domestically from and to NKG.

The spread is being fueled by the deadly Delta variant that is now streaking across 132 countries globally.

The origin of the latest wave of infections ‒ labelled “the most extensive domestic contagion after Wuhan” by the Chinese media the Global Times ‒- is reported to have been “inadequately protected” airport staff who got infected after cleaning internationally operated aircraft.

The Chinese government claims that it kept the pandemic at bay for most of 2020, backed by strict lockdowns.

The current surge in infections is occurring during the summer season in China, conventionally considered a prime time for travelling in the country. Therefore, COVID-19 is likely to trigger hindrances for the local aviation recovery.


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