COVID-19: Major Highlights Across March To April


  • Africa dominates IMF debt relief list
  • Malawi banks agree COVID-19 regulations
  • Ghana slash power tariffs, Nigeria says – not yet
  • Ethiopian announces big losses
  • Ethiopian dismisses layoff reports as fake news
  • AfDB approves $2m package for WHO’s Africa response
  • Ethiopian suspends ops to over 80 destinations
  • East Africa betting down by 99%
  • Kenya pay cuts, tax reviews
  • Nigeria, Egypt to shut down all airports
  • Rwanda fines companies guilty of price gouging
  • MTN Nigeria, Cameroon tweak mobile money charges
  • African Finance Ministers meet ECA boss via technology
  • Nigeria to slash budget
  • Ghana, Kenya telcos review mobile money charges
  • South Africa apex bank warns against currency scam
  • Nigeria reduces petrol price
  • Rwanda, Ethiopia move to control prices of essentials
  • Nambia economy hit
  • Zimbabwe suspends international trade fair
  • African airlines to lose big – IATA

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