covid-19: Panic buying in Nigeria

It is no longer a thing for jokes or comedy as Nigerians have realized the danger of the pandemic disease “Corona virus” outbreak across the world, as they are seen panic buying across super malls and markets around them.

following the statement released by the Presidential Task Force on Coronavirus.

“The general public is strongly advised to cancel or postpone all non-essential travel, whether business or pleasure, maintain social distance and as well avoid gathering of more than fifty people”.

There is an increase in people shopping online and shelves ransacked in malls, super stores. markets are in full with buyers clustered all around the shops demanding for one or more essential items to stock the house with, for the period of time.

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While some malls and shop owners have run out of the high demanded items such as,toilet rolls, soap, hand sanitizer,disinfectant, etc.

” Considering the number of death cases across the continent by these Covid-19 outbreak, we are really scared and would do anything necessary to curb the spread of it, that is why i am here in the market to buy things that i and my family will be needing, while indoors for the period of time these will linger” statement from one of the panic buyers.



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