Croatia Airlines Reduces Flight Operations Amid Corona Crisis

Croatia Airlines will reduce its network to nine international destinations from Zagreb this February, as European Union member states continue to enforce and widen their entry restrictions and requirements, crushing travel demand.

Next month, the Croatian carrier will link its hub with Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Rome (via Split), Brussels, Copenhagen, Zurich, Paris and Skopje. Services to Sarajevo and Vienna, which were in operation for part of January, will be suspended throughout next month. The airline will continue to maintain nonstop flights from Split to several international destinations including Frankfurt, Rome and Munich. Furthermore, the company will run an extensive domestic network throughout the month.

Croatia Airlines is primarily focusing on maintaining flights to major European hubs where onward connectivity can be offered through its partners.

The carrier’s CEO, Jasmin Bajić, previously said, “Croatia Airlines is a regional carrier with the prime purpose of connecting Croats with Europe and the rest of the world through major European hubs with connections to the networks of our Star Alliance partners”. He added, “We will continue to connect major European hubs as this is our strategy and it will remain unchanged.

However, we will also provide connections for Croatian people to fly within the country and we will continue to provide direct links to Croatian holiday destinations from around Europe. We believe that the hub and spoke system will survive. Croatia Airlines is a strong regional operator with a clear goal. It is also well connected with many other airline partners through its interline and codeshare agreements and part of the best alliance in the world – Star Alliance”.

Mr Bajić also previously commented on the airline’s prospects in the post-pandemic era. “Being a small airline may be an advantage to surviving the global turmoil – we can be more flexible during this time and more daring in seizing any new opportunity on the market. There is a downside as well – there are fewer means for investment compared to the bigger carriers. We are considering a few scenarios for the post-pandemic Croatia Airlines and each of them has the goal of positioning the company onto new markets and strengthening its position in existing markets”, he said.

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