Doha Runway Briefly Blocked By Qatar 747-8 After Hydraulic Leak

A Qatar Airways Boeing 747-8F temporary blocked Doha’s Hamad International Airport (DOH) runway, after the aircraft suffered a hydraulic leak on Monday.

It was noted that some flights were temporary diverted, but after some time, the plane was towed off the runway, and the airport assumed its normal operation.

According to Aviation Herald report, a Qatar Airways Boeing 747-8F flying from Frankfurt (FRA) to Doha (DOH) declared an emergency after the aircraft suffered a failure of the hydraulic system #1, which had been depleted of all its hydraulic fluid. The incident occurred on September 28th after the plane completed an overnight flight from Frankfurt.

The aircraft landed on runway 34R at Doha and stopped on the runway. After landing, the plane had to be towed off the runway, temporarily shutting down the runway. A post-flight inspection revealed that engine number one on the aircraft needs to be replaced, temporarily grounding the aircraft until repairs are completed.

The aircraft involved in this incident is registered as A7-BGB. According to data from, the jet is only three years old.

Qatar Airways also posted disclosed the information on Twitter while they apologised for any inconvenience caused to its passengers.

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