Dubai Bans Air India Express After Finding Passenger With Health Issues Onboard

Dubai Authorities have banned all Air India Express flights for 15 days from entering the city, starting from today, September 18, 2020,  due to a second consecutive violation of the COVID-19 protocol within a month.

According to a statement by the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority via a letter, the Indian low-cost carrier Air India Express airline, has carried COVID-19 positive passenger to Dubai twice, in a span of three weeks.

“You are aware of our previous intimation made to you by our letter dated 2nd September 2020 for boarding a passenger with a Covid-19 positive test result,” the letter read. “Boarding a passenger with Covid-19 positive test result for the second time is contrary to and is in violation of the laid down procedures and/or protocols relating to air travel to and from airports in the Emirate of Dubai, during the Coronavirus SARS Cov2 pandemic.”

Consequently, all Air India Express flights to Dubai Airports were temporarily suspended until October 2, 2020.

The authority also proceeded to attribute the carrier with any incurred costs related to the incident. “In addition to the suspension of operation, you will be further notified to pay all the expenditure incurred by the respective authorities for medical services and/or quarantine of any passenger(s) and the other passengers in the flight and also any other expenditure connected thereto,” the letter addressed.

This is the second ban incident for the flag carrier after Air India’s flights to Hong Kong were suspended back in August. Hong Kong authorities issued a two-week ban after the airline carried 11 COVID-19 positive passengers into the country from Delhi.

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