Dubai RE-opens to International Tourist Today

Dubai a part of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the entire world was affected by Covid-19, which led to strict restrictions of movement and in some places a total lockdown for more than three months. But Dubai is taking a bold step to reopen it’s border to international tourists and business visitors.

Dubai had since unveiled plans to reopen its borders to tourists from Today July 7th. The city hopes to welcome travellers from around the world while guaranteeing their safety under the guidance of the World Health Organisation. It will also allow foreign visitors with residency visas to enter.

Dubai listed what is required from the intending visitors before they can be allowed to enter the city.

  • Each tourist needs valid health insurance to enter the country. They will need to present proof of this on arrival.
  • Tourists will need to download the special Dubai COVID-19 contact tracing app and register their details.
  • They will need to fill out a health declaration form before leaving their home country.
  • Tourists must do a coronavirus test within four days of departure (96 hours). If a tourist cannot provide the results of this test on arrival, they will be tested at the airport and will have to wait for the results.

Any tourist that tests positive on arrival at the airport will go to a government 14-day isolation ‘facility’ (likely a hotel) at their own expense.

However, the positive news is that if you are COVID-19 negative, you don’t need to undergo 14-day isolation anymore. Tourists can arrive and travel the city, visiting the sites, and then depart without being quarantined.

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