EASA Issues Warning To Airlines About Flying Above Iran

EASA has a warning to all civilian aircraft flying above Iranian Airspace of accidental target by the country’s Air defense systems.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) on Thursday issued a warning notice to all civilian aircraft that fly’s through their airspace could be at risk of accidental target by the country’s military air defense system. “poor civil and military coordination” could potentially lead to mis-identification of commercial jets as hostile objects. The warning notice came after the Iranian released a report stating that an inattentive defense unit operator caused the total crash of flight PS752.

The recommendations by the EASA is valid until Januarary 16, 2021. It evaluates the risk to be ‘HIGH’ for commercial flights below flight level 250 (25,000 feet).

“Due to the presence of various advanced air-defense systems, it is advised to be cautious with the risk associated to civil aviation. The risk to operations is assessed to be HIGH for Flight Levels below 250.

Iran officially admitted that the tragic crash of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 crash was caused by an operator forgetting to adjust a radar system. Part of an Iranian defense unit, the unnamed person forgot to realign the north direction after moving to a new position.

In combination with the high-alert state in the country following the targeted hit by the Trump administration on Iranian general Soleimani just days prior, this resulted in Flight PS752 being shot down by two missiles shortly after take-off from Tehran. All 176 passengers and crew on board the Boeing 737-800 died in the crash.

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