EgyptAir Flight Makes An Emergency Landing As Passenger Gives Birth On-board

An EgyptAir flight from N’Djamena to Cairo had to make made an emergency landing at Aswan Airport to check on the safety of a Chadian passenger and her new born baby boy, after giving birth safely on board, with the help of a medical student.

The EgyptAir flight from the Chadian capital N’Djamena to Cairo, Egypt was diverted when a passenger realised her baby was coming.

The pilot diverted the service to Aswan, about 800km south of Cairo, in the hope the passenger could reach a hospital in time, EgyptAir said in a statement.

It was not quick enough for the mother however, who gave birth before the plane landed.

Luckily a medical student was onboard to help deliver the child safely. Pictures from the flight show members of the crew holding the newborn in a blue blanket.

In a statement the airline said: “According to the chief pilot’s instructions and with the help of cabin crew, all procedures for the passenger’s safety were followed and dealt with quickly to assist the passenger in the mid-flight delivery.”


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