Emirates Adds additional destinations beyond London and Frankfurt

Emirates has announced that it will be adding more destinations to its schedule as it eases back into operations following an all-encompassing flight ban by the UAE last month. On Monday, the airline issued a statement saying that it is planning services to North Africa, Asia, and the US, in addition to its reinstated operations to London and Frankfurt.

In a press release issued Monday, Emirates said it will be operating limited passenger services to the destinations of Jakarta, Manila, Taipei, Chicago, Tunis, Algiers, and Kabul. The flights are to commence on the 16th of April. These are in addition to the four-times-a-week service to London, and the thrice-weekly Frankfurt flights that have been operated from the 6th of April, up until Sunday this week

Flights to most of these destinations will be operated only once or twice. Flights to Jakarta and Tunis will take off on the 15th, to Manila on the 15th and the 16th, Algiers on the 16th, and to Taipei and Chicago on the 18th of April. Meanwhile, Kabul will see a thrice-weekly service commencing on the 16th of April. 

Following the flight ban of the United Arab Emirates on the 24th of March, Emirates was forced, along with fellow national airline Etihad, to immediately cease all passenger flight operations. Having obtained special approvals from the UAE government to fly outbound passengers, the airline first reinstated recurring services to London and Frankfurt on the 6th of April. It also operated a few one-off flights to Paris, Brussels, and Zurich from the same date. 

With the new destinations added, Emirates says that it will recommence its operations from Terminal 3 at Dubai International Airport. According to the airline, the services are being reinstated to facilitate residents and visitors wishing to return home.

Passengers will be able to book the tickets directly via Emirates’ website or through a travel agent. Only citizens of the destination country and those who meet the entry requirements will be allowed to board. 

What will not be allowed on the plane, however, is cabin baggage. Carry-on items permitted will be limited to laptop, handbag, briefcase or baby items. All other items will need to be checked-in, with the usual allowance for hand baggage added to the checked-in luggage allowance. 

Passengers are requested to follow social distancing measures during their journey and to wear their own masks at the airport and onboard the aircraft. The airline also asks passengers to arrive at the airport no less than three hours before departure.

Emirates said that the aircraft will go through enhanced cleaning and disinfection processes in Dubai, following each journey.

Source: simpleflying.com

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