Ethiopian Airlines Appoints New GM In Nigeria Sends Th Former To Germany

Ethiopia’s flag carrier made some management changes in its Nigeria branch, thereby appointing Mr. Shimeles Arage as the new General Manager while the replaced manage¬† Mrs. Firihiewot Mekonnen was sent to Frankfurt, Germany also as a Manager.

Mr. Shimeles was the Regional Manager Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, once served in Equatorial Guinea and also as Director Revenue Management at the Head Office in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

With a BA Degree in Economics and an MBA degree he has attended numerous aviation courses globally and in Ethiopia.

A tested Manager he comes to Nigeria with a wealth of experience. Ethiopian Airlines is the leading airline in Africa with the youngest and largest fleet. It flies to Abuja, Lagos, Kano and Enugu in Nigeria with brand new  A350, B787 and B777 Aircraft.

Ethiopian Airlines have been Flying to Nigeria since Independence in 1960. It was the first international airline to fly to Enugu Airport. ET was the only international airline to fly to Kaduna Airport when Abuja Airport was closed in 2018 and the first airline to bring the B787 Dreamliner to Nigeria.

Also the airline was first to bring an Airbus A350 to Nigeria. In December 2017 it organised the first all female managed flight to Nigeria.

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