First Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX Departs From Seattle

Ryanair’s first Boeing 737 MAX is on its way to Ireland. The aircraft took off from Seattle just moments ago, and is scheduled to fly nonstop for almost nine hours before arriving in Dublin. This is the first 737 MAX 8-200 to leave Boeing, and marks a delay of more than two years since Ryanair expected to receive its first new-generation airplane.

The highly anticipated day has arrived. Ryanair’s first 737 MAX 8-200 ‘gamechanger’ aircraft is finally on its way. EI-HEN has been spotted on flight trackers heading to Europe, as it prepares to enter service with the low-cost giant.

The brand new plane left Seattle (BFI) at 01:00 PDT and is headed for Dublin (DUB). The trip will take almost nine hours to complete, with an estimated landing time of around 18:00 local time tonight.

The distance from BFI to DUB is estimated at 4,535 miles (7,298 km). That’s beyond the published range of the MAX 8, which Boeing states is 4,083 miles (6,570 km). It is thanks to having no passengers or baggage onboard that the narrowbody will have enough additional juice in the tank to make this mammoth journey in just one hop.

The aircraft is painted in Ryanair colors, meaning it will go to the main Ryanair airline. Other MAX 8-200s have been spotted in the livery of Malta Air and Buzz, the Ryanair subsidiaries, so it was uncertain which airline would take the first. Now, we know the Irish airline will be the first to fly the type.

Ryanair had expected to take delivery of its first MAX 8-200 in April 2019. However, following the two tragic accidents involving the type, the subsequent grounding meant deliveries were paused. More than two years later, today, the low-cost behemoth will be celebrating the arrival of this unique narrowbody aircraft.


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