Flight from Dallas to Pensacola cancelled after ‘suspicious device’ falls out of bag

A flight heading from Dallas to the Pensacola International Airport was cancelled Sunday night after a “gender reveal party device” fell out of a passenger’s bag.

Transportation Security Administration told reporters that around 8:30 p.m., the item was discovered on the floor of a flight from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Pensacola as it was beginning its taxi to the runway.

The passengers and crew were returned to the terminal for precautionary measure.

“Because the device looked suspicious, law enforcement officials responded and interviewed passengers and crew,” TSA says in a statement. “It was determined that the item in question was a gender reveal party device that had fallen out of a passenger’s bag.”

The incident was closed at 10:15 p.m. Sunday after officials determined the device wasn’t a threat.

The flight was cancelled and passengers were rebooked for flights on Monday.

“TSA screeners are thorough and catch thousands of prohibited items with precision every day across the country,” TSA’s statement goes on to say. “In the rare instance where a prohibited item is missed, officers are coached and retraining is provided.”

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