Flying for the first time; things to do

Travelling for the first time? ………. Then take note of the following;
 Book a seat
 Take only what is necessary
 Check the airline’s size of hand luggage before you leave home
 All liquids should be checked in, if found in the hand luggage it will be forfeited at the security search gate
 Do not forget to check your passport expiration especially if it is a long holiday
 Travelling between time zones can be confusing so make sure to double check your itinerary to
1) confirm your airport
2)make sure your name is spelt correctly on all your documents
3) Confirm reservations from hotel, flights etc
 Get a map of the area you are heading to, also get your hotel business card so as to give the cab driver
 Make sure you have enough data for roaming and international calls
 Do not exchange too much money before you travel , just take the amount you will need and go to the bank as soon as you touch down to exchange more money
 Wear comfortable shoes
 Make sure you run a research on the country you are visiting
 Try new food, talk to the indigenes and check out the new environment

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