Flypop Receives Investment From U.K. Government’s Future Fund

Flypop has announced a significant investment from the U.K. Government’s Future Fund.

Flypop, the U.K.’s only international long-haul low-cost airline, plans to launch in 2021 with scheduled flights to India. It will cater not only to the U.K.’s Indian/South Asian diaspora (and their visiting friends and relatives) but will also serve those keen to explore the Indian sub-continent and region with very low-priced flights.

“The funding from the U.K. Government’s Future Fund will play a key role in putting flypop in a position to start flights, initially between the U.K. and India, something which will contribute significantly to the economic growth and closer cultural links between these two Commonwealth partners and eventually with all of South Asia,” said Nino Singh Judge, Founder and CEO of flypop.

Flypop, is now completing its final funding round, will begin negotiating low cost airport deals in both the U.K. and India. In addition, it will continue discussions with aircraft manufacturers to secure the best deals which will enable the company to offer the lowest possible fares to the public.


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