Greek businessman, Petros Stathis donates over 3.5 tons of vital medical equipment to Montenegro

An emergency shipment of over 600,000 medical masks, 100,000 medical gloves and other vital personal protective equipment has arrived in Montenegro.

A further cargo plane is already filled with necessary equipment and Petros Stathis and his team are now looking for a third plane to transport even larger quantities of supplies to Podgorica airport.

The donation by Mr Stathis, the owner of Adriatic Properties and Universal Capital Bank, arrived in Podgorica last week and the businessman confirmed he has also been approached by several institutional and private parties who have expressed their readiness to further help Montenegro.

Mr Stathis said Covid-19 (Coronavirus) had put the country under huge pressure and paid tribute to the Montenegrin government for their leadership during the crisis.

Petros Stathis said: “Montenegro is not alone and is not a small country. It is a nation with plenty of friends who love and respect it. We are facing a new and terrible opponent which is entering our daily lives and radically changing it. The health of each and every one of us is a fundamental good for the whole community and it’s essential that adequate personal protective and medical equipment is within our reach.”

This is for the brave men and women carrying out exceptional work every day while exposed to serious risk. Their passion serving their communities sets an example for us all on working together in a time of crisis.

The government of Montenegro has showed great leadership throughout the mission, which could not have been accomplished without the support and partnership of President Milo Đukanović, Prime Minister Duško Marković, and Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China Darko Pajović.

INTERPOL Secretary, General Ronald K. Noble was tasked with finding, verifying, purchasing and organizing the transport of FDA and EU-certified products to airports in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Guangzhou, China. Noble was in office when Montenegro joined INTERPOL in 2006.

Manager of the Crisis Operational Staff for Healthcare, Prof. Dr Ranko Lazović, said: “We have received enough medical equipment to meet the needs of the Montenegrin healthcare system for the next three to four weeks.

Mr Dragoljub Bulatović, Head of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet, said the equipment came at an opportune moment, when resources were running out.

Montenegro  is a country  of south and Southeast Europe on the coast of the Balkans.It borders Bosnia-Herzegovina to the Northeast, Serbia  to the Northeast, kosovo to the east,Albania to the southeast, Adriatic sea to the southwest and Croatia to thewest

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