Ever felt like going on a family vacation but you do not have enough money?
Well you don’t have to break the bank to make your family have a nice time neither do you have to travel abroad to get that deserving holiday
Checkout these amazing resorts and destinations right here in Nigeria:
Yankari game resort, Bauchi
Expectation- wildlife, warm springs , indoor and outdoor games

Image result for La campagne Tropicana beach, lagos

La campagne Tropicana beach, lagos
Expectation –romantic reflection of the setting of the sun upon the Atlantic ocean and a combination of African themed hospitality and modern luxury.

Tinapa business resort , calabar.
Expectation –resturants, pubs, cinema,mini amphitheatre and a childrens arcade

Ikogosi warm spring , ekiti . where nature is at peace with man
Expectation- hiking cold and warm spring and a serene environment
Obudu cattle ranch, cross river
Expectation –cable cars, golf course, horse riding, water park with slides,bonfires and breath taking mountainous scenario

Abraka turf and country club, delta state
Expectation –family retreat, recreational facilities for adult and children.

-Whispering palms , lagos. Ideal for lovers, newly weds and family.
Expectation – lovely palm trees, mini zoo, classic restuarants, and comfortable hotel rooms.

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