Honda Aircraft Brings Airshow Experience Online

Honda Aircraft has launched an online airshow that allows visitors to see and experience the HondaJet much in the same way they might at a real live event in the pre-Covid-19 era. The aircraft manufacturer’s online airshow includes a 360-degree virtual tour, walkaround and city-pair videos, and a virtual photo booth that allows users to take a selfie in the HondaJet Elite cabin or next to the very light jet.

“While most airshows were canceled this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we’re excited to offer our customers and fans around the world the opportunity to take a look at the technologically advanced HondaJet Elite,” said Honda Aircraft president and CEO Michimasa Fujino. “In addition, we hope our online airshow will open up the business aviation industry to more people around the world and allow them to explore the benefits of flying private.”

The virtual reality tour allows the user to peruse the twinjet’s cabin, flight deck, and exterior, with clickable touchpoints that provide more in-depth information about certain features. For those preferring a guided tour of the HondaJet, the walkaround video offers a narrated view of the interior and exterior. Meanwhile, the city-pair video demonstrates how the jet might be used in a typical day at work.

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