How to re-book a travel tickect, if affected by Coronavirus.

It is obvious that the corona crisis has caused some travel problems  for many travelers who have plans to travel or already booked their ticket. So if you’re faced with having to cancel or postpone a trip, here are some guideline on how to re-book your travel ticket or probably get a refund.

It is good that at the moment, some airlines companies are being incredibly flexible when it comes to modifying bookings.

While some are rewarding customers for re-booking. The majority of airlines and hotel chains have fairly relaxed policies on ground.

However, some airlines have informed passengers not to  contact them unless they are due to travel within 72 hours in order to keep the phone lines open and free for others.

WHAT TO DO, if you are not able to re-book travel or get a refund.

Firstly, visit the airline website and get information on  policies covering coronavirus travel restriction and follow the instruction listed.  they may tell you to call or not call unless you’re due to fly within 72 hours.

If you are  to call the airline, remember that there is a human at the other end of the line and how you talk or react will somehow determine a good or bad response/ action to your complaint. If things aren’t going how you want it, you shouldn’t take it out on them. Instead, if you feel that you are genuinely getting the wrong answer, ask for your case to be escalated to a manager. Note, there will be a long wait due to increased call volumes from other passengers.

If the outcome is still not fair or favorable to you, then try contacting the company via email. A response will likely take a while, and you shouldn’t do this unless you genuinely feel your case has been handled incorrectly.

Hopefully, this will help in getting a refund or re-book your travel ticket.


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