INDIA: After Losing Air India Job, This 24 Year Old Took To The Streets To Food-Vlog!

Have you ever tasted a crab burger? Do you know where you could get dosa in Thiruvananthapuram for just one rupee? Food vlogge Karthik MM aka Trivian Foodie can answer these questions. The Nedumangadu native is popular among foodies fr or his YouTube channel and Instagram page filled with details and reviews of rare dishes and delicacies from all corners of Thiruvananthapuram.

The 24-year old features local cuisine prepared at small restaurants across the district. Karthik believes every region has its own food culture that reflects the life of the area. Karthik has been a digital content creator for four years now, but the lockdown days helped him to reach out to more people through food.

“I lost my job as ground staff at Air India last year. So my focus turned to my YouTube channel. I started reaching out to small, local eateries across our district. These shops, despite the varieties they offer, generate less income due to lack of exposure,” he says.

Karthik travels even to rural areas to explore what is special – like the ice apple drink at Thycaudu worth Rs 50 and Makani tea in Kilimanoor for Rs 10.Karthik MM (right)

“I came across ice apple drink sold at Thycaud stretch by Tamil Nadu native Selvan. He serves pieces of ice apple mixed with palm wine or Akkani in a specially made palm-leaf cup. Another must-try for the tea lovers in the state is Makkani tea prepared by tea maker Rajan at Vazhiyorakada, Kilimanoor. The taste is different due to the crowned froth created in the glass,” he says.

Karthik also comes out with his recipes. Bamboo shawarma and bottle chicken being the stars of the show.

“Bamboo Shawarma was well-received. Popular restaurants in Kozhikode contacted me asking for the recipe,” he says.

Karthik plans to come out with new vlog series also featuring his furry friend Leo. The duo will explore Kerala together, trekking, camping and cooking food.

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