Jet2 Flight Suffers Engine Failure After Suspected Bird Strike

A Jet2  plane, Boeing 757,  suffered an engine failure after a bird strike just after take-off at 14:58 local time on Monday, August 10, reports indicate that the strike occurred with the aircraft’s right engine after departure from Manchester’s Runway 05L. during the climbing phase. The loud bang and flames emitted by one of the engines are suspected to be due to a bird strike.

The plane flew in large circles above the western part of Manchester to burn off fuel and avoid landing heavy. It landed back at its departing airport 26 minutes after takeoff and was met by emergency services.

Jet2 spokesperson in a statement said. “One of our aircraft on a routine test flight followed procedure and returned to Manchester Airport this afternoon, after the crew reported a minor fault,”  “The aircraft landed safely and will be thoroughly checked over, as is standard practice.” While the incident is suspected to have been caused by a bird strike, the exact reason has not been confirmed yet.

At the time of publication, the aircraft is still on the ground at Manchester airport.

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