Krimson Aviation CEO Named to the IS-BAH Standards Board

Dawit Lemma, founder and CEO of Krimson Aviation, the Addis Ababa-based flight support, charter, leasing, MRO solutions and aviation consultancy, joined the International Standards for Business Aircraft Handling (IS-BAH) Board on May 17.

The IS-BAH Standards Board is the decision-making body for all changes to the standards contained in the IS-BAH. This marks a new phase for IS-BAH standards with Lemma’s selection representing the first African board member to be appointed.

With seven of the world’s fastest growing economies occurring in Africa, complying with international business aviation standards is essential for gaining operator confidence when flying to the continent. Putting Africa on the business aviation map and ensuring its nations are ready to meet the pending needs are among Lemma’s goals in this new role.

“As we have worked to grow Krimson, we have worked simultaneously to grow both the physical infrastructure and the quality standards for business aviators flying to Africa. African destinations are becoming increasingly popular for business travelers, and we want their experience here to be on par with their other travel experiences. I’m honored to represent Africa on the IS-BAH™ Standards Board. I look forward to spreading the word about all we have to offer and to bringing home best practices that can be deployed across the continent. Africa is perfectly poised for growth.”

Lemma said his objectives are to promote and create awareness about IS-BAH on the continent and increase the number of certified handlers. The move to IS-BAH certification will increase safety and overall service standards of business aviation ground handling on the continent. “I am bringing expertise and knowledge of the African continent, and I hope to leverage this insight to break up misperceptions. I want members of the IS-BAH Standards Board, and IBAC at large, to understand that African bizav is on the rise and that we are ‘open for business.’ I am confident we will begin a ripple effect of raising standards which is our goal,” added Lemma.

Lemma founded Krimson Aviation in 2015. He is a Swiss citizen of Ethiopian origin, and he has lived and/or worked all over the world; from Zambia to Afghanistan, the USA to Switzerland – making him a true global citizen. He returned to Ethiopia in 2012, after almost 30 years abroad, as he recognized the thriving potential and opportunities being offered by Ethiopia’s economic resurgence.

Source: africanaerospace

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