Love Is In The Air: 2 Alaska Airlines Employees Get Engaged On Pride Flight

On Wednesday, June 15th, 2022. Two Alaska Airlines employees got engaged on the Alaskan Airlines “Pride in the Sky” flight from SFO to LAX.

A mid-flight engagement

Aboard an Alaska Airlines flight from SFO to LAX, Veronica Rojas, a flight attendant, proposed to her girlfriend, Alejandra Moncayo. Rojas proposed to Moncayo on one knee in the front of the cabin. Her proposal was made over the PA system in both English and Spanish. She said yes. The entire proposal was caught on camera and uploaded by the airline.

The proposal occurred on the annual “Pride in the Sky” flight during pride month and just so happened to coincide with the first anniversary of the Alaska Airlines Airbus A320 “Fly With Pride” livery. A colorful rainbow pattern that represents the airlines’ love and support for the LGBTQ+ community.

A dual proposal is planned

Veronica Rojas, a flight attendant for SkyWest Airlines, a regional provider for Alaska Airlines. Shared her idea of proposing mid-flight with the airline before the flight. She shared the couple’s dream of one day taking the pride flight together. The timing lined up perfectly, and the airline was happy to help. Rojas stated,

“I’ve always appreciated Alaska; how deeply involved they are in the LGBTQ+ community,”

“All the love and support is just super overwhelming and amazing.”

Before departure, Rojas extended a casual invitation to Moncayo to join her on a quick flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles. This flight was aboard the pride plane and had been well-thought-out by Rojas. With good planning and phenomenal execution by the airline crew, Rojas was able to pull off a very memorable proposal with the world watching.

At the same time, Veronica’s girlfriend Alejandra Moncayo was also planning a proposal. Moncayo is a pilot who was recently hired by Alaska Airlines. Her plan was a bit different from that of Rojas. Moncayo had been planning on proposing as soon as they exited the gate in LAX. Despite having already been proposed to, Moncayo stuck to her plan and proposed upon reaching LAX. Neither Rojas nor any airline employees were aware of Moncayo’s decision to propose.

A celebration in LAX

Following the second proposal, the couple was met by a celebratory crowd. An impromptu celebration was held right there in the LAX terminal in honor of the couple’s very recent engagement. The disembarking process of the flight was recorded on video as well and uploaded by the airline.

The happy couple was not the only ones to benefit from this flight. Honoring the special proposal, Alaska Airlines offered every passenger on the flight free tickets to use towards a future Alaska flight.

Alaskan origins

Two years earlier, the couple initially met on an Alaska Airlines flight in 2020. Alaska hopes to always promote an environment of compassion and support for all. Including those of the LGBTQ+ community. Alaska Airlines made a statement concerning the LGBTQ+ community. They remarked,

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