Man Gets into a Parked Plane at Raden Inten II Airport, Lampung

A man whose identity has not been identified was forcibly pulled from a Citilink airline plane at Radin Inten II Airport, Lampung.

The incident took place at Radin Inten II Airport on Wednesday, August 12, 2020 afternoon.

Based on temporary information, it is suspected that he entered the airport on Tuesday night.

According to police, it is not yet certain whether the man has mental disorders or not. However, when asked for information, the answer from this person varied and seemed “digress”.

A video showing a man being forcibly removed from a plane belonging to Citilink airline has been widely circulated on social media.

After being thrown out of the plane, the unidentified man was immediately attacked by airport officials and grabbed his hands and feet.

Responding to the incident, Citilink’s VP Corporate Secretary & CSR Resty Kusandarina said the incident happened on Wednesday, August 12, at Radin Inten II Airport, Lampung.

“That the person who entered the Citilink plane was not our passenger, but an unknown person without the knowledge and permission of Radin Inten II Airport security,”

Resty explained that the incident occurred when the plane was parked and spent the night at Raden Inten II Airport. So that there are no passengers on the plane.

The person who entered the plane was immediately handled by the security forces of Radin Inten II Airport, Lampung.

“We would like to thank the Radin Inten II Airport for handling this problem quickly so that Citilink aircraft can resume operations according to schedule after it is confirmed that there is no damage or matters relating to flight safety and security. Citilink always prioritizes security and safety aspects in every flight.”


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