Mexican LCC Volaris Unveils Wonder Woman Livery On Its A320neo

Mexican low-cost carrier (LCC) Volaris has partnered with motion picture producer Warner Bros. Pictures to wrap one of its Airbus A320neos in a special livery dedicated to DC Comics superhero Wonder Woman.

The special livery is a cooperation between the two companies to promote the new film, “Wonder Woman 1984” and was painted on one of Volaris’ newer A320neos — registration N530VL — officially unveiled to the public via the airline’s social media on Dec. 11, a few days before the film’s premiere.

Following the Mexican tradition of naming a jet after a person’s name, a family’s last name or after new destinations it flies to, Volaris has named the three-year-old A320neo, Diana, after the “people’s superheroine,” Diana Prince. The name is featured prominently on the aircraft’s fuselage along with images of Wonder Woman and her new trademarks. Diana, a goddess in Roman mythology, is also a very well-known heroine in Mexican culture and her figure and name is used illustriously on prominent landmarks across Mexico City. Her most well-known landmark is Fuente de la Diana Cazadora — known as English as the Fountain of Diana the Huntress — a landmark on Mexico City’s main thoroughfare, Paseo de la Reforma.

According to Flightradar24, the special livery aircraft has already been flown on Volaris’ transborder and domestic services multiple times this week, mainly on services originating from Guadalajara, one of Volaris’ main hubs. The aircraft has already made visits to multiple destinations across Mexico and it is scheduled to make short appearances in the U.S. in Denver and Oakland, Calif. this weekend and the following week.

This is the first time Volaris has altered its fuselage wrapping one of its aircraft in a special livery. Volaris, however, is not the first Mexican carrier to partner with an outside company for a special livery. Its competitors Aeromexico and Vivaaerobus have been known to partner with outside companies, particularly local Mexican companies such as Corona and Banamex, for special liveries.

Most notably in the past three years, Vivaaerobus has wrapped a number of its Airbus A320s to promote the annual Tecate Pa’l Norte Festival in Monterrey, Mexico. Monterrey is Vivaaerobus’s base and largest hub, and the Mexican low-cost carrier has become a longtime sponsor of Pa’l Norte to not only promote the annual event but also to highlight its growing network of national flights within Mexico. Vivaaerobus’ most recent Pa’l Norte livery was revealed in 2019.

Volaris, nonetheless, expressed excitement with its first opportunity to represent a widely-favored character on one of its many Airbus jets.

“We like to think that Volaris, like Wonder Woman, is the airline of the people, and in the midst of (COVID-19), we could not have a better ally to continue democratizing the skies,” Daniel Gelemovich, Volaris’ Director of Marketing, said. “At Volaris, the idea of doing disruptive marketing is born from offering experiences that reflect the identity and DNA of the airline, as a brand that always seeks to innovate in every way.”


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