Mongolian Airline Offers Free Lifetime Tickets to Twins Born On Board

Mongolia’s national airline MIAT on Thursday gave a certificate of free lifetime tickets to a set of  twin baby (girls) born midair last month and their mother.

According to a report, a set of twins were born onboard on July 10th with a charted Mongolian Airlines repatriation flight from Istanbul, Turkey. The aircraft returned 260 Mongolian nationals home during the current crisis to reunite with families and loved ones.

The mother was due in two months but went into labor onboard the aircraft. She then gave birth to a set of twin girls.

The babies and their 42-year-old mother are now in good health.

According to MIAT “this is the first time in the history of Mongolian civil aviation that a woman has given birth on an international flight.”

Mongolian Airlines decided to celebrate this rare double event by offering both the children free flights for life. It is unclear if this offer means they can fly every day if they like, or just once a year on their birthday.


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