NAAPE to Embark on A Three Day Strike at Bristow, Over Unresolved Differences

National Association of Aircraft and Pilot Engineers has embarked on a three-day warning strike at Bristow helicopter regarding the renewal of pilots and engineers condition of service (COS) and other related issues in the organisation.

In a letter sent to all members in Bristow captioned ‘Notice of Strike Action’ dated July 14, 2020 with Ref NS/GS/NAAPE/vol.042/ 2020 read although they have been in talks for a while over the issues, negotiation between both parties (NAAPE and management) has irretrievably broken down. Was signed by the Deputy National Secretary, Umoh Ofonime.

“Engineers and Pilots of Bristow across all bases in Nigeria from, 15th July 2020 will embark on the strike completely withdrawing their services for three days until issues under contention are resolved.

“ As you are all aware, NAAPE has been actively engaged with the Bristow Management for some time now in the renewal exercise of the pilots and engineers COS and sundry labor matter and negotiation between both parties have broken down irretrievably.”

“ Chief  among the issues under contention are refusal to engage with NAAPE over the COS emendations for pilots and engineers as well as insistence in continuing to pay national pilots and engineers their remunerations at NGN343/$1 when such rate is not obtainable on any forex exchange platform in the country.”

“Odious laying off of young cadet and trainee engineers after several years of tearful sacrificial toiling on the basis of a promised career in the company and now in extension the insatiable thirst for nulling our vitality, the company is prepping for a preposterous and unjustifiable redundancy of engineers and pilots hitherto grossly measly vis-à-vis the combined unambiguous undertone of expatriate quota law, national content law and Executive Order 05

“The norm of jettisoning negotiated agreements as in the case of systematic dissolution of engineering work shift in Eket operation. NAAPE has consistently engaged Bristow management for amelioration of these issues to no avail,” it continued.

NAAPE decried Bristow’s discriminatory policies and consistent victimization of Nigerian nationals at the hands o Bristow management stating that its members are no longer mentally conditioned to safely continue working under such excruciating work environment.


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