NAMA Debunks Fraud Allegations, Says It Doesn’t Operate Two Pension Account

The Nigerian Airspace Management (NAMA), has debunked allegations of fraud levelled against it by Pensioners of the agency, saying such is spurious and borne out of ignorance.

NAMA in a statement on Sunday, claimed that officials of Airspace Management Pensioners Association of Nigeria (AMPAN) were peddling stories to the effect that the agency has been shortchanging its members in their monthly pension payment.

NAMA referring to the statement by the association making rounds on social media, said one ‘Mr Kester Omotayo accused NAMA of “operating two pension structures, perhaps to deliberately cover up or attempt to cover up some sharp practices…” and that “our request for dialogue on the issue has also been rebuffed.”

But NAMA is denying all allegations saying it is up-to-date in its obligations to the Pensioners.

“The agency is bold to say that the above allegations are completely spurious and borne out of either malice, ignorance or both.
The facts on ground are as follows:
(a) The agency received a correspondence from the pensioners whereby they alleged irregularities in the payment of their entitlements owing to disparity with those of other agencies in the sector.
(b) Consequently, the agency set up a committee (with membership comprising pensioners themselves) to investigate and come up with findings.
(c) NAMA does not and will not for any reason, operate two pension accounts. It is an impossibility, given the existing Treasury Single Account (TSA) platform in operation.
(d) As it stands today, the panel is still sitting and is yet to come up with its findings.
(e) NAMA is up-to-date in its obligation to pensioners as they have received their November remunerations as at 26th of November, 2020.

“NAMA is therefore startled and disenchanted to hear that some officials of the organization have decided to run to the press on a matter that is still being investigated.

“We make bold therefore to say that the agency runs on a transparent platform with zero tolerance for corruption, even as it is poised to protect and promote the interests of its senior citizens at all times.”

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