New SLC Airport Set to Open Soon

Salt Lake City Airport is set open for business by September. This will be the new place to welcome the world to Utah.

Nancy Volmer, the spokesperson for Salt Lake City International Airport explained on the 15th they “will close down the existing airport and open our new facility, we will say goodbye to the old and hello to the new.”

Volmer explained this first phase will include “a new roadway, new gates, new security terminal – everything will be brand new.”

The new airport will be new and improved. Everything will be streamlined and efficient to make your travel to, from, and through Salt Lake City easier. Included in the overhaul of the facility, plug-in spots in every seat where you wait for your flight.

As the new $4.1 billion airport opens, we will immediately say goodbye to the old.  This wasn’t part of the original plan, it’s a silver lining to the pandemic.

Volmer said, “Since the numbers of passengers has decreased, we will be closing down the entire existing airport and tearing that down in one swoop.”

Because the airport is not as busy as it normally is right now, they will be able to speed up the project saving time and money. Volmer continued, “That will allow us to build to the east and shaves a couple of years off the project and save up to $300 million.”

The new airport will include not just a new and bigger facility but will show off our state in a new way. Volmer said, “We really looked at reflecting Utah, so if there are passengers who never step outside of the airport – they will be able to know they were inside Salt Lake’s airport and get a sense of place.”

Tuesday also marked the opening of the Central Receiving and Distribution Center. The state-of-the-art facility will improve security screening and enhance the health and safety of all goods coming on to the property. This will also allow all of the airport’s excess food supplies to go to the Salt Lake City Mission.


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