New Study Says People Are At Higher Risk For Contracting COVID-19 At The Grocery Store Than On An Airplane

A new Harvard study claims people are more at risk of getting COVID by going to the grocery than getting on an airplane.

This new study comes as airlines are trying to make travellers comfortable with getting on an airplane for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.

The Senior VP of Communications for Airlines for Americans told Fox 2’s Mandy Murphey about the layers of protection they believe makes passengers safer than going about their everyday tasks. They are touting mandatory mask-wearing, high grade cleaning onboard planes and hospital-grade air filtration.

Rebecca Spicer says air flows straight down from above you, down to your feet and gets filtered out at the floor level. Spicer touts this science shows air flow doesn’t go from passenger to passenger. It goes straight down and then is put through high-grade HEPA filters.

Spicer says the longer the pandemic continues, the more cuts airlines will have to make.

Airlines are still hopeful Washington will extend the payroll support program that ran out on September 30.


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