NIGERIA: NCAA Dish Out Warning to Airlines” Failure to Report Incidents, Lose AOC”

Nigerian civil aviation Authority (NCAA) Capt, has given a warning notice to all operating airlines to make sure they report every aircraft incident or be at risk of loosing their Operating License.

The Director General of NCAA, Capt. Musa Nuhu revealed this on Wednesday in Abuja, during the inauguration of the NCAA and Accident Investigation Bureau, Nigeria (AIB) joint committee on the implementation of safety recommendations.

He said mandatory Occurrence (incident) reporting is compulsory and airlines who default would lose their Air Operating Certificates (AOC).

The 11-man joint committee set up,  will review NCAA’s response to safety recommendations issued by AIB on accidents and serious incidents. the committee has five members from each agency and one appointee from the ministry of aviation.

“It is expected that the safety and accident investigation experts will have the opportunity to sit down together to review safety recommendations that have been proposed by the Bureau and the response provided by the authority, their implementation where necessary and the review of effectiveness of measures with time .”

AIB Commissioner MrAkin Olateru said: “the joint committee will also provide for the coordination of activities with regards to aviation occurrences, respect for the mandate and responsibilities of each organisation, effective and efficiency exchange of information and data.”

While the NCAA regulates the industry, AIB investigates serious incidents and accidents.

he said over the years two agencies have worked together to ensure the effective discharge  of their duties while ensuring that safety is not only established but promoted to higher levels

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